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What is it?

Naavi Merge is a free tool for quickly sending mass email with personalized merge fields. Whether you are sending company wide emails and want to personalize each one, or you are sending messages to external stakeholders, Naavi Email Merge is a free, limitless tool for sending personalized mass email.


Uses your own Gmail account to send messagesAdd merge fields into your message or subject to fill data from a Google SheetQuick and easyNo limits on how many emails you can send (apart from the Gmail sending limits)Works with standalone Gmail and G Suite accounts

Getting Started

Create a draft email in Gmail and add merge fields by adding a dollar symbol before the name of the merge field (eg $firstname)Create a new Google Spreadsheet or use this template: for Naavi Email Merge under Add-onsSelect the draft message you created and map the merge fields to the correct spreadsheet columns

Press Send Messages! The add-on will merge each line in the spreadsheet and send the message. Don't close the window while it's sending.

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